About us

Eco.Love Beauty. is the official webshop for Beauty Avenue - Spa & Brow Bar, a universe in which we believe in a holistic, natural, non-toxic and sustainable approach to beauty -and life.

We do everything we can to secure that all the fantastic beauty products available at Eco.Love.Beauty. are organic-certified and have been tested by us.

We have consciously chosen to work with organic-certified beauty products because we deeply care about your health. We also care about the health of the farmers that cultivate the ingredients that go into the products, in the same way that we care for the workers involved in the manufacturing of the products. Lastly but not least important, we do care about the health of our planet.

The companies behind the brands that we have selected share the same values. They firmly believe in non-toxic and sustainable beauty. 

We look forward to inspiring you into a more sustainable, non-toxic & healthier lifestyle through your beauty choices.

Enjoy the process. Shop responsibly.


Stella & Beauty Avenues team

Our brands

Intelligent Nutrients


Third-Party Certified & Transparent


Do you know what is in your cosmetics?

We believe that it is very important to know what is in the products we use and apply on our bodies. That is why we chose to work with companies that list every single ingredient of the products on the packaging. Being transparent is key, and in-order to trust these companies we look for third-party certification seals. These seals will let you know that products are verified as 65-95% organic, cruelty-free and made with renewable energy.

Getting organic certified is a long and costly process for companies. We believe that integrity is worth investing in, and the certifications are the only way we can navigate through the jungle of companies that are just green washing. We are very happy to know that founders of Intelligent Nutrients products really do care a lot that they have full-time staffer to ensure all ingredients, suppliers, formulations and partners live up to their own standards.

You can find more information about the ingredients here.