Whiz® Freedom

Whiz® Freedom


The world's first antibacterial and hydrophobic urine director

It is massively inconvenient and unhygienic for any woman, old or young, highly active or partially/permanently mobility impaired, not to get to a toilet in time. And if you do then you don't want to sit on an unsanitary public toilet. There are other times when one is not available or when you simply need to go. For these occasions when nature calls just use the highly hygienic and easy to use Whiz® Freedom.

Every woman should have one.

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How to use it

Who can use it

Every girl and woman can use the Freedom at anytime and anywhere. From the Military to the Cultural, from the medical to the recreational, from those below ground to those above ground - the Whiz Freedom has been used in every situation:

  • Anglers
  • Campers and Hikers
  • Women at the Magnetic North Pole
  • Women at the summit of K2
  • Armed Forces
  • Police Officers
  • Glider Pilots
  • Canoeists
  • Dog Walkers
  • Horse Riders
  • Grannies, Mothers and Daughters
  • Back Packers
  • Skiers and Snowboarders
  • Golfers
  • Visitors to Music Festivals
  • Drivers
  • Transgenders
  • Men with cancer who have had penile amputation
  • Disabled drivers
  • Truckers
  • Women with small bladders
  • Women who have lost limbs
  • Women with MS
  • Women with broken limbs
  • The elderly
  • Women with hip replacements
  • Women with continence issues